Comments By Delvis About Some of His Elvis Shows

The Jailhouse Rock Resturant, Hornchurch, Essex Gig

"The Jailhouse Rock Resturant was a place that I always wanted to sing at as it is such a busy venue. It was packed out for this show night, the venue being full of people who loved my Elvis show and the DJ music that followed. There was lots of dancing by all. I sang around the tables and got everybody in the mood for a party. Loved it. Thanks, Guys."

Lastalet Social Club, Essex Elvis Show Night

"I really enjoyed this night as it was packed full of people who loved to dance and joined in making it a great evening. We got everybody down on the dance floor and they had a fantastic time."

My Elvis Show At A Family Garden Party In Southend, Essex

"This is the reason that I enjoy singing so much - when I see everybody joining in with the songs and having a right laugh dancing and letting their hair down. It was a great night. A lovely bunch of people. Thanks."

Elvis Show For A Baby Christening Party In London

"Being a daytime party, this show started slowly as nobody had had the time for a drink at first, but by the end of the party everybody was up and having a great time dancing and enjoying the show. In the end a great party that was enjoyed by all."



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