DELVIS performing his Elvis Presley Tribute act.

DELVIS with people who knew Elvis Presley

All Photo's Copyright Jennifer Hodge

These are pictures of Delvis (Elvis Tribute Artist) also professional Snooker and Pool player and grade A coach from The London and Essex Area. See Del Smith (aka) DELVIS with some of the many people who knew, worked with or were close to the great Elvis Presley and some other well known faces from TV and the big screen you may have seen before.

Elvis Presley Had a very small tight group of people who He liked around him to hang out with and some of these people toured with him also. These guys got a nickname after a few years called (The Memphis mafia).

Delvis was very lucky to meet Elvis's band member, and long time close friend Charlie Hodge and a friendship clicked from day one after a few beers while talking.

Charlie knew I was a big fan of Elvis and he knew I had respect that he was a fine musician and comedian in his own right, playing guitar and singing harmony with Elvis on so many songs and did over 2000 shows by Elvis side (known as the little guy who hands Elvis water and scarves and sings harmony).

Songs performed by Delvis:

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