Delvis's Background

As a little boy I used to listen to my mum and dad's 45rpm record collection and from a very young age got hooked on Elvis. After watching Elvis movies and collecting any Elvis music that I could get my hands on, I soon found out that it was a neverending task as Elvis produced so much.

Like most Elvis fans these days I never got the chance to find out how many people today still enjoy the sound of Elvis' music until I joined the Elvis Fan Clubs in London and Essex and went along to some events. I was amazed to see hundreds of people of all ages, young and old, at the events, with people dancing, drinking and having a great time with the chance of meeting likewise fans of Elvis music.

I even got the chance of meeting many of Elvis' band members, friends, and people who knew Elvis in real life. But none more so than Charlie Hodge who was Elvis' guitar player, sang harmony and lived at Graceland for 17 years with Elvis. This would lead me to a friendship of more than ten years and would lead to many trips over to Tennessee USA to stay with Charlie and his wife Jennifer.

Please take a look at Charlie Hodge's web site for more on Elvis' life.

Songs performed by Delvis:

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